Our Services

Haulage Services

Hippo Logistics Limited provides haulage services, which involves the movement of goods via road and air transport from one location to another within the country. These goods are delivered between 24 hours and 120 hours depending on the distance between the locations.

Cold Chain Logistics

Hippo Logistics Limited provides Cold Chain Solutions. This is the transportation of temperature sensitive commodities, mostly pharmaceutical related shipments from one location to another. Each shipment is handled on an individual priority basis. We provide appropriate packaging and refrigerants to guarantee the integrity of these shipments on transit.

Domestic Economy Parcel Services

HLL provides economy parcel service; this is essentially a deferred service using Trucks and Vans. This service is designed to meet the demand of customers who have light packages with high value such as; Banks, Pharmaceutical products (HIV/AIDS drugs, Malaria Drugs, Cold Chain Items etc.), security stationeries, computer hardware, machine and household equipment, generators, telecoms consumable in large quantities. Typical transit time under this service is three to five business day’s delivery from the day of pick up.

Domestic Express Service

This service is to provides a 24 to 72-hours express delivery within the country for envelopes, light packages and other time sensitive materials. 24 hours to most state capitals and 48 hours for some other few and 72 hours for deliveries to remote areas.


This service caters to online marketing companies who have to meet delivery obligations of their numerous customers. It is tailored made for organization like Konga, Jumia, DealDey, Colliseum and their likes. Due to our footprints in virtually all major towns and state capitals in Nigeria, we are able to conveniently manage these deliveries to the delight of the companies.


This service is specially tailored to satisfying the needs of manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, bonded warehouses that have need to move large stock of goods on regular basis. The HIAB service on the other hand is tailored to meet the demands of customers who have regular need to move articulated machines and equipment to sites within the country.

Home/Office Relocation

Hippo Logistics Limited provides services for customers who have need to relocate their homes or office within a particular city or from one city to the other.

Address Verification

Hippo Logistics Limited provides Address Verification services which is tailored to meet the needs of customers (especially banks) who have the responsibility of verifying and confirming the home/office addresses provided by the customers.

Mail Room Management Services

This service is provided for customers that have a large inflow of mails in and out of the organization. Organization like banks, multinational firms, non - governmental organizations, etc. The whole idea is to remove the hassles of mail management from the core business of the organization and leave it with logistics expert to allow for undivided attention by the organization.

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